Oh my gosh. I think I’m dying.


remember like 2 years ago when christmas stopped feeling like christmas for some reason

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Nothing like an hour long phone call to make you feel a complete range of emotions and then leave you sobbing on your bed. What. A. Fucking. Day.

No lie, every time I hear footsteps coming toward my room, I have a small panic attack because I physically cannot handle any more human contact right now. It’s the worst.

This year I decided to really get into the spirit of Halloween. It may have been the costliest decision I’ve ever made. My greased up head went into the pumpkin no problem, but… I can’t get it out. I mean, I could try destroying the pumpkin… But as Jim and I discovered any blow to the pumpkin itself could prove fatal to me. At first I drove myself crazy thinking about the things I should have done differently. I never should have hollowed out this damn pumpkin in the first place. Then I realized that I was being silly. I mean, the pumpkin should rot off of my head in a month or two. Right?

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fun drinking game for the kids: listen to fall out boy. every time patrick sings ‘ohhhhh’ or ‘woah’ take a shot

you will die

believers never die


i have made a terrible mistake


If I ever get pregnant I think this is how I will break the news

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”It’s funny how i thoughtI was good at hiding myfellings, but then strangersstarted asking me what waswrong and why I looked sotired and that’s when I realized you didn’t care enough to notice”By: Simone // relhavant


This is so dope

I just woke up from a dream with tears in my eyes because it was so real. But it was also so perfect. I hate that the only time I can see you is in my dreams.

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