This year I decided to really get into the spirit of Halloween. It may have been the costliest decision I’ve ever made. My greased up head went into the pumpkin no problem, but… I can’t get it out. I mean, I could try destroying the pumpkin… But as Jim and I discovered any blow to the pumpkin itself could prove fatal to me. At first I drove myself crazy thinking about the things I should have done differently. I never should have hollowed out this damn pumpkin in the first place. Then I realized that I was being silly. I mean, the pumpkin should rot off of my head in a month or two. Right?

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fun drinking game for the kids: listen to fall out boy. every time patrick sings ‘ohhhhh’ or ‘woah’ take a shot

you will die

believers never die


i have made a terrible mistake


If I ever get pregnant I think this is how I will break the news

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”It’s funny how i thoughtI was good at hiding myfellings, but then strangersstarted asking me what waswrong and why I looked sotired and that’s when I realized you didn’t care enough to notice”By: Simone // relhavant


This is so dope

I just woke up from a dream with tears in my eyes because it was so real. But it was also so perfect. I hate that the only time I can see you is in my dreams.

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How to Cope with Flashbacks


Flashbacks are memories of past traumas. They can occur in a number of different forms – as sounds, images, smells, body sensations, numbness (or a lack of sensations). Often they’re accompanied by a feeling panic, where the individual feels trapped and completely…

"Sometimes you read a book it it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read that book." - The Fault In Our Stars

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